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Simple Solenoid Driver

A simple and efficient way to drive a solenoid using a micro-controller like an Arduino.
Intended for use in a DIY aquarium CO2 system.

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Adding a SIM card to the Photon Q 4G LTE

Context: Let’s face it, the people want candy-bars. The European and North American smartphone markets are all about thin, lightweight glossy monoliths to fawn over and gently caress in a way that would sicken Charles Babbage. “But Charlie! I yearn for the days of old, when men were men and keyboards were king. Touch screens […]

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7400 Logic Combination Lock

Reading Hackaday the other day I came across this article about a combination lock built from logic gates only. This reminded me of a similar circuit I designed and built at school for my electronics AS-Level and spurred me enough to dig it out and share it here 🙂 The Circuit: Inputs: A bank of […]

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