About Me

The Professional:

I started my career as a Java developer working on e-commerce projects built on the Hybris platform and maintain those skills to this day – indeed I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of tackling a technical challenge. I grew quickly to technical lead level, orchestrating the architecture of the project and the technical deliverables of teams on a number of engagements ranging from SMEs to enterprise customers. I specialise in Hybris implementations and have been working with Hybris since they first entered the UK market with the Long Tall Sally implementation. I have extensive e-commerce experience and have lead successful implementations in the telco and travel spaces.

While I maintain a keen technical focus, I have developed business consultancy skills and a large part of my role is customer facing, helping enterprise level clients elicit their business requirements and architect appropriate IT solutions to address them. While I will always relish the technical challenge of development, I thoroughly enjoy being in front of customers guiding the decisions that ultimately decide the success or failure of a project.


I lead by example and am not afraid to dive in and cut code with my team. I believe it is important to foster a good relationship between all members of the team in order to get the most out of its members. I have led teams as large as 12 developers and have worked effectively with external contractors as well as off-shore and near-shore teams.


While I am a huge advocate of zealous documentation and testing from the outset of a project, I am also realistic. Particularly on smaller engagements, it is difficult for a customer to financially justify spending a large portion of their budget on anything other than pure development and let’s face it, delivery deadlines are almost always tight. In these circumstances it becomes critical to understand the key pieces of documentation and testing that need to be undertaken in order to deliver the project to budget as well as enable the maintenance of that deliverable in the future.

Hybris Certified Core DeveloperHybris Certified Commerce DeveloperBCS Developer of the year 2010

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The Hobbyist:

In my free time I enjoy building things. As a youngster this meant radio controlled model boats and cars, a lot of hot glue and a mother exasperated over the state of my bedroom. These days, I dabble with amateur electronics – Arduino and Raspberry Pi – though it’s my girlfriend dealing with the related mess, rather than my mother.

During my sadly limited free time, I tinker with almost anything I can disassemble and it’s high time I started documenting my exploits. To this end, I am going to force myself to take photographs of all the little projects and hacks that I do and post them up on my shiny new blog. Feel free to take a look at my Projects.

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